Photo: Xavier Mack


Mr. Hernandez is a native of Monterrey, Mexico, where he was introduced to costume design while attending Arts Magnate High School.  His professional career started in architectural design, Ballet and Folklorico dance.  Mr. Hernadez merged skills as an architecture with his technical abilities as a dancer, and channeled his creativity into costume design. He formed Fernando Costume Designs, creating several designs for dance companies in Mexico and at the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey. 

Mr. Hernandez serves as an adjunct faculty member at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He has created costume designs for Orchestra of New Spain, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Bruce Wood Dance/METdance, Flamenco DNA, Ballet Dallas, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Ohio and Red Clay Dance Company, Chicago. 

Mr. Hernandez’s collaboration with Bridget L. Moore started in 2012.  Moore invited Mr. Hernandez to Seoul, South Korea in 2017 to design costumes for BOUND II. His costume designs premiered at the International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference. He has created designs for Moore’s choreographic work, BOUND I, Uncharted Territory, Following Echoes, African Strings, Body of Evidence, Unearth, Shadow of Your Smile and To: Marvin-From: Love.